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“It was clear he was being unfaithful so Aubrey broke it off.” A source close to Pauly confirmed they split a few weeks ago, but says the DJ “was never totally serious about their relationship.” Although romantic snaps of Pauly, 35, and O’Day, 32, still appear on her Instagram page, he has deleted all photos with the Danity Kane songstress from his account.Reps for Pauly and O’Day did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Sammi said that she still keeps in contact with Ronnie but confirmed that they’re no longer romantically involved. When Sammi gave an update on her relationship status, Clare piped up that perhaps Sammi and Caroline’s son, Albie Manzo, should start dating.Sammi quickly said that she and Albie, as well as Chris Manzo, are good friends.

To be honest, though, he's not had much of a TV career since then – it looks like he has a great time partying on his Instagram page, but he's not exactly had the same exposure as Snooki.

Instead, she now appears to be working at a doggy daycare centre called The Green Leaf Pet Resort in New Jersey.

To be fair, if we could choose to spend our days around adorable pups, we probably would.

Del Vecchio was born on July 5, 1980, and raised in the Providence, Rhode Island area, and in Johnston, Rhode Island. He's not known for diva antics like The Situation and doesn't appear a drunken mess at times, like Nicole and Michael do." After numerous rumors, on August 11, 2011, Pauly D confirmed to XXL that he had signed a three-album deal with 50 Cent's labels G-Unit Records & G-Note Records and that he will also be releasing headphones under the label.

They filmed me at the gym, filmed me tanning and filmed me going to the club. I never really auditioned." According to TIME, "We're guessing Pauly D got the spot [instead of Nicole Polizzi or Michael Sorrentino] because he genuinely seems fun and easy to get along with.

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