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(photo by Bliss Katherine) Chauntelle Du Pree D’Agostino is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Is there a funny fan story or a moment with a fan that has really stood out to you or touched you in some way? I love with I hear from fans that our music has changed their lives. With a baby now, I don’t think I have time for one! I went to Melbourne and it was just really beautiful. So I think that would be my favorite when I do get to see it one day. If you were written about in a tabloid magazine, what would you like it to say about you?

She is ALSO so amazingly beautiful and talented as well. She doesn’t really look like me but she is awesome. There honestly are just so many moments I can’t choose!! If you acquired a super power and you could do anything you wanted with that power, which would you choose and what would you do with it? But if could pick a “music guilty pleasure” I would say it would be Justin Timberlake.

As a little girl growing up, we could always find them singing and playing music. He was the only one who ever heard these songs and he always told me I needed to record them! It seems that every moment on every tour, there is something funny that my brother said or a game we all play. This tour is amazing because I am getting to be with our children. But if I could be successful with painting that would be awesome. What advice would you give anyone looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

I think it must have been when my mom would turn on the music really loud in the living room and she would dance around and spin with us and sing. We then started working together and it was really fun! Before we had even started dating he would come down and visit me from Connecticut. He was driving to see me and he passed a town and there was a sign that said Rising Fawn, he thought at that time that it would be an awesome band name, but he never mentioned it to me. This is also such a hard one because we have been touring since 2003! To be confined in the one RV with so any people has been such a test of our patience but it has also been the most fun we have ever had. I would love to create a bunch of different characters and maybe work with Disney. There’s an artist names Jasmine Becket-Griffith and she is about my age. Disney found her stuff and I believe they are going to do a movie with her art. I would say if you can do it all by yourself that’s great. If there ever comes a time that you stop enjoying it then put it aside for a bit and then find a way to keep doing it. It’s so much fun and there are always ways to keep it going.

Her goal is to find love solutions for all of her clients, so she commits personal attention to make sure she finds the right fit for everyone.

If you could pick a song that describes this moment in your life, what song would you choose? Social Clout: 3,940 Twitter followers; 595 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @thedatecoach Bragging Rights: database has more than 25,000 people Having a busy lifestyle is something Daniels understands wholeheartedly.She helps her clients find quality, “full package” dates.Social Clout: 3,680 Twitter followers; 1,240 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @racheldealto Bragging Rights: “the new matchmaker success story” Hogi considers herself a little obsessed when it comes to spreading love throughout the world, but that’s because she’s good at it.She will have your back the whole time, helping you in your pursuit of a strong relationship.

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