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I'd been on Tinder for a while but found it a somewhat shallow experience.My friend who's into mindfulness pointed out that judging people based on how attracted I was to them and whether they could hold a decent conversation was a hiding to nothing - there was no way I'd be able to experience a meaningful connection with anyone if I pursued that path.

The evening starts with an hour of warm up games – encouraging flirtation and interaction with the opposite sex – but no talking.

The evening was set up by Adam Taffler, after he read an article about how little people made eye contact these days.

“I read how eye contact is decreasing and how people are losing the skills that help them to form bonds,” he explains to me.

I resorted to making a farting noise with my armpit.

However, on reflection it could have in fact been pity, disdain, courteous acknowledgement, or ennui; it was difficult to tell.

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