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They note that a key barrier to clinical research in the area is the lack of well-defined outcomes, which makes it tricky to agree on ways to define sexual dysfunction.In other words, there’s no clear answers because no-one is sure exactly what they’re looking for.“I think to give someone that label is to give someone a diagnosis of an illness and it’s not an illness,” says GP and menopause expert Dr.This is what likely contributes to the haze of confusion and embarrassment that hangs over the topic.After having two of her children close together, Lyndsey Hiatt, 28, began to experience shooting pains up her vagina as if she was sitting upright on a stick.This lowered Lyndsey’s interest in sex, making her feel she had lost connection with her partner.

Now imagine you are asked to describe your own sex life. Sex is a powerful and enigmatic part of women’s lives and identities.

When deviations — perceived or otherwise — from this idea are stamped with the official label female sexual dysfunction, it seems impossible to believe that there isn’t something wrong with us for not doing sex ‘right’.

And the anxiety that stems from this is both misplaced and damaging.

Over the last year, the oldest woman killed was 85, 18 were over 60, and 21 were aged 25 and under.

They included hairdressers, writers, shop assistants, prostituted women, a politician, lawyers, students and school girls; women born in Eritrea, Poland, China, Italy and other countries, and of course women born in the UK with a range of ethnic backgrounds.

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