Updating to circuit breakers

If you need a main breaker replaced you may experience several of the above symptoms.

Some of these symptoms can also be caused by a bad electric meter, a failing connection between the meter and the meter socket or a problem with the power supply from the power company.

They are not interchangeable and only an exactly matched part will fit.

Dolce Electric Co has a large inventory of circuit breakers in stock and on our trucks.

The on / off handle is officially called the actuator lever.

We carry the hard to find, older replacement parts that can take days to get delivered too.

If you think you need your main breaker replaced, give our local in-office Mesa AZ electricians a call.

If you are not experienced with electrical troubleshooting we recommend contacting a qualified electrician for your safety.

The terminal lug is the place where the wires (in some cases buss detail) get attached.

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