The depression of online dating

This is probably a business opportunity for female counselors who can advise men on such things, among other things it seems that seeing an “online relationship coach” would be perceived in a more positive manner than seeing a counselor or psychologist for the more traditional reasons.

There are a lot of people who really can’t function in a bar.

From my discussions with a few men who’ve used online dating sites the strategy seems to be to send out initial messages to a few dozen women every day and then maybe get a few responses a day.

For the messages that get no response you will never know whether the other person found someone else first, wasn’t interested in you for some reason, or just didn’t bother checking their email.

you know the ones that say when someone says they are a few pounds overweight= 100 overand when they say sensual= pervert..I found all that to be true and a great degree of misrepresentation.

Maybe people do not see themselves as how they really are? but I feel I met the right one because I got very good at asking the RIGHT questions, doing criminal background checks and checking public records to make sure all their shyte they told me jived. Yes, some people could get very depressed due to a number of reasons,lots of rejectionsthe bull-crap of liarsthe fakeness I guess the list could go on. If you are finding yourself "depressed" then sign off, get outside, and go DO something. I think there are peeks and valleys threw every aspect of life....depression is a bad habbit.......a bad habbit of setting self in chit pile and forgetting you get to command your choices threw perceptions.....choosing to open the door and lay down your self to poke around is painful but nothing more rewarding then when you get to the point where is really dosen't matter cuz you just so happy to be yourself...

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