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Jesse Green: Yes, but that represents about 7,500 people each watching it 1,000 times. Jesse Green: Not how I saw it, but that’s why it’s a horse race. Jesse Green: A different version of the Carpool Karaoke I linked at the beginning of this liveblog. Julie: Blankenbeuhler wins for choreography for Hamilton!!!!! Jesse Green: Though, to be fair, a lot of it is prerecorded. Molly: I am so moved by the lack of cynicism in this broadcast, this theatre season… Jesse Green: The animatronic Andrew Lloyd Webber performed a “smile” function. Jesse Green: Hard to sense the power of this song without the context of her two hours of oppression before it. Jesse Green: But the competition is pretty good, too.

Jesse Green: Loved the ASL for “Spring Awakening.” Almost as expressive as the sign for “totally fucked.” Jesse Green: Marlee Matlin introduces that SPRING AWAKENING segment I mentioned earlier. I say Jeff Daniels, but it’s likely to be Frank Langella, also great. Jesse Green: I was going for Savion Glover, but this makes sense obviously. Jesse Green: I think you’ve really put your finger on something. She’s returning to Broadway in THE CHALK GARDEN next year (or the year after). Jesse Green: But it seems to have worked in the theater better than on camera. Jesse Green: Sophia is wearing her Miss Celie’s Pants from the end of the second act.

Julie: Lacamoire won best Orchestrations for Hamilton! Jesse Green: And Mantello has won twice for directing. Jesse Green: I doubt we’ll see any of the technical awards on air — lighting, set design, costumes, orchestration.

Last year we didn’t even see book and score of a musical on the telecast, but somehow, in the Hamiltonys, I think we will tonight.

But the other were all excellent as well – David Furr hilarious in Noises Off. Several of my friends would disown me and accuse me of heresy… Jesse Green: If they don’t do the bottle dance I am writing a letter to the editor. Jesse Green: “Josh Groban” auto corrects to “Josh Groan.” Jesse Green: Josh Groban in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in high school is spot on. Also, weird for a Netflix show to advertise on network. And Edie Brickell couldn’t get the high note in Tomorrow. But the number drags on for too long…Appreciate the kids’ talent though!

Jesse Green: Winner of the skinniest presenters award. Jesse Green: And Hofesh Shechter’s new dance for the wedding. Jesse Green: Even in this adapted version of it, you see here the beauty of Bart Sher’s staging. Jesse Green: “There are stories to be told and people who want to hear them.” Jesse Green: Karl wins it, of course. Jesse Green: So Hamilton has its first two awards (in tech categories). Linds: he’s a little intense but a fun number Jesse Green: Do you know who won?

Jesse Green: Featured Actor features Reed Birney, in what amounts to a leading role; he should win. I suspect at the Beacon some of those tech awards are being given out. Linds: She Loves Me got Scenic Design Nuyguy: Lost sets to She loves me. Julie: Set Design went to She Loves Me Funjamin: This Kinmy Schmitt commercial with Titus and Hamilton is great. Jesse Green: ALW on tambourine looks so very comfortable. I’m endeared by what I’ve seen of Brightman and the kids (namely the kid who performed at the MTC Mis Cast Gala).

Dave Sikula: See also, “Television direction of every musical number.” Jesse Green: There seems to be an un-theater-like fear of the unmoving eye. Jesse Green: Not at only three minutes left before eleven.

Jesse Green: Not that I can think of right now, or certainly not enough to have saved more than a minute. Thatgirl: Would it have killed them to keep the camera still and in focus long enough so we could read every name? Was there any fat (skits, banter) that could have been cut? Julie: Still moving along so much better than any other awards show!

Jesse Green: James Corden huffs on an inhaler to introduce Streisand. Jesse Green: As to how long Streisand’s nails will be? Jesse Green: As much predicted, the award for best actress in a musical goes to Cynthia Erivo. Nuyguy: Most of that carpool karaoke was shown earlier this week. I gave up between Miranda and Odom; other say it will be Burstein. Julie: Memories of Fosse in the latter part of the Broadcast tonight Jesse Green: Best Revival of a Musical. Jesse Green: It just started out of-town tryout in Chicago.

Jesse Green: This blocks HAMILTON from beating the record of The Producers. Jesse Green: Best performance by an actor in a musical. Dave Sikula: I don’t think they’re going to finish on time.

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