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A: Don't get too close when you discuss this because he's probably terrified you'll give him a cold sore.

You are not a person to him—you are a vector for the herpes virus.

Naturally, he was very angry and distraught after my infidelity unfolded.

I haven't seen or spoken to him since and have only heard stories.

I've offered to go on suppression therapy, and of course use condoms, but to no avail.

You mention your book is scheduled to be published "sometime" this year. A few months before our wedding, I cheated on her with a co-worker.During the relationship, her father and I were very close friends—we golfed together, and I really admired and respected him.He's the kind of father and man I hope to someday become.I don't expect them to jump up and down and have a party, but a simple "congrats" would have been nice. Should I let them know how much they have hurt me, or is this one I should just let go?My extended family has meant everything to me, and I have done all I can to keep in touch and be supportive of all they do. A: I hope this isn't a self-help book about letting go of slights and unrealistic expectations.

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I repeatedly have a dream and feeling that I should go apologize to her father face to face, as I know he wouldn't read a letter if I sent it. So instead of addressing that directly, you cheated.

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  1. During your break, he suggests asking yourself: Am I sad? It happens in real life, so you need to make sure enough time has passed for you to work on the areas in which you need to grow, instead of expecting a reunion to fix it.

  2. When she left the Brando household to marry, Brando never recovered from the loss and writes his lifelong sexual addiction was caused by feeling abandoned by Ermi.