Sedating animals

Would clients be allowed to be present when necessary as long as lead aprons/shielding is used?

Is this how/why parents are enlisted to hold their children when restraint is necessary?

Turkish Cargo staffs are qualified with IATA rules and expert for the carriage of live animals.

Besides, they have current information about foreign countries restriction rules and law enforcements. Turkish Cargo gives perfect cares to it, and approaches to your pet as a professional and expert to secure and safe transportation from origin to destination.

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The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) makes several recommendations in NCRP Report 148, , issued 30 December 2004. In that report, the following recommendations were made: "Tape is often used to help position patients and many commercial immobilizers are available, but these are sometimes not adequate and it may be necessary for someone to hold or restrain the patient.

Butyrophenones work through the mechanism of central dopamine and peripheral adrenergic blockage to produce a strong anticholinergic effect.

The other butyrophenone routinely used in wildlife is haloperidol as a longer acting tranquilizer.

Transportation Rules, Necessary Documents, Packaging/Labeling Instructions, by Country: National rules in effect are available in the Air Cargo Tariff Manual RULES, Import/Transit/Export Regulations sections.

Information on containers/cages for the transportation of live animals is available in the Live Animals Regulations, Container Requirements section.

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Turkish Cargo gives incentive cares to animals and provide suitable environment for them. For detailed information on the domestic transportation of live animals, please contact the following e-mail address: [email protected] Two adult animals accustomed to living together, each weighing up 14 kg and of comparable size, can be transported in a single cage/container.

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