Raf dating

To be perfectly honest, in my opinion its not a good idea.

I've seen soo many lads off my course that have been finished with since the course started because of the stress factor of never being able to talk to or see their girlfriend.

I think anyone thats going through training would reccommend the same thing.

I am married, I am in the RAF and about to go into Rock Training but my missus has experienced RAF life and had advice from RAF Wives plus she will follow me from unit to unit.But, she has her own career and it probably won't really be practical for us to think about living together once I get in.So I'll be living on base wherever that may be, and she'll be in her own place.I'm not an idiot, I know we'll have to work hard to keep things sweet and I know there'll be times when the two of us won't be seeing eachother for various reasons and various periods of time. Please no smart arse comments, etc I'm just after experiences from those who have been there before me!Thanks guys and girls I'm 8 weeks through training for the RAF Regt so I can tell you what I've seen so far in terms of relationships.

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