Psp updating modified memory

Sort by Team ID and scroll down to check all free agent salaries are 0. Followed by sort by POID which should be the same as Player player ID numbers are not in numerical order.Follow this up by checking contracted players and that their salaries are greater than 0. It may help to extract the original psp roster to excel and copy paste the player ids from the original onto your roster. I am also including instructions which should enable anyone to update the roster fileon a PC and import it back onto your PSP without it crashing during franchise mode.The roster is updated to week 6 of the 2014 season.

Start Madden 12 on your PSP.- Make any change to the roster and save it.- Exit back to the VSH menu on your PSP.

In the PSP folder of your memory stick, you should now have a folder called SAVEDATA as well as a new folder called 'SAVEPLAIN'- Delete everything in the SAVEPLAIN folder- Copy over them with the new 'SAVEDATA' and 'SAVEPLAIN' folders from the update.- If all went well.

You will have the updated roster, as well as new 'SAVEPLAIN' and 'SAVEDATA'folders on your psp.- To extract the roster for editing on your PC - Open the SAVEPLAIN folder and search for the SDDATA.

My roster is named Rost1, so is in a folder called BASLUS21946DRost1If you want a copy of my PS2 save, you can download it here ...

DRost1Just extract to a USB device and copy/paste using u Launchelf.

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