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But really, everyone uses Tinder for their own ends, and the app has quickly become ubiquitous, whether people are searching for casual sex or a wife.

Commentators have tried to process Tinder’s effect on modern dating, saying it’s the dating app that solved online dating for women, or revived dating culture, or turned dating into a lottery.

When the zipper became popular in the 1930s, my grandmother once told me, all the boys in town complained: Zippers made too much noise in the movie theater.

We have been told we live in “the hook-up era.” We have been warned that “the hook-up culture” will hurt us all.

These days, technology just seems to come and go more quickly.

I never knew I was this person until I was this person.

ALEXANDER, The Virgin: A friend was on Tinder, and we joked about it. Once in a while I get bored and add men if I feel like the game has stalled.

The rules of the courtship game have changed over time.

In the late 19th century, women took the lead, inviting men to “call” on them at home.

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