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This starts with people recognizing that intersex is not the issue, but society’s response to it. I was born in 1991 under the assumption that I was a ‘typical’ baby girl.

When I turned 16, I was told that this assumption was false.

In the last six years, they have worked with human rights commissions, contributed to protective legislation, and lectured at leading universities.

Intersex people are very rarely a topic of mainstream discussion, and when we are it often results in sensational and stigmatizing portrayals.

We face discrimination, trauma, and do not enjoy equality or human rights protection we need. Intersex children and new-borns are regularly subjected to mutilating surgical and medical interventions to make their bodies ‘conform’.

They are performed without the consent of the child, are medically unnecessary and have traumatic consequences in later life.

Not because I was ashamed, but because I knew nothing about what being intersex meant, and no one to provide me with the answers.

Eventually I developed shame and came to know the stigma of being intersex from a variety of sources, mostly medical.

Governments generally only accept and are aware of two sexes and ignore the existence of intersex people.

We can’t expect legislative change if intersex issues aren’t publicly discussed, but this depends on intersex people not only having a seat at the table but that they lead the discussion.

As luck would have it, there are numerous intersex academics, policy experts, activists, and organizers who are so qualified and hard working it can make one feel incredibly awe-inspired. My intersex variation has given me one of the greatest gifts in my life – an appreciation of diversity and of the struggles outside my own experience.

When you are told you are intersex, society can give the impression that you do not have a place or that you have to hide.

People don’t realize how often intersex variations can be a subject of ridicule or a punch line amongst friends or in the media.

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It was challenging to feel alone and to feel that my body was ‘unacceptable’, but that all changed when I came to know the activism and resources provided by intersex activists.

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