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“I would say that about 80% of the women who come to see me start off as just kind of curious,” Payne noted.“They heard that you can make good money doing this, they heard that it doesn’t involve sex or prostitution or whatever, and they feel that it is something they could be open to.You find a lot of students doing it, and women in the arts are drawn to pro-domination services because they can do that part-time and still have time to devote to their art.It’s something they can do to make money without having to work a 40-hour week, and it’s also good for single mothers for that reason; they can spend more time with the kids.” Wright added that women who get into professional domination also like the fact that they won’t be having vaginal intercourse with clients (unlike prostitution) and won’t be asked to take their clothes off (unlike stripping).With the public awareness of BDSM having increased considerably , struggling actresses and struggling singer/songwriters realized that there was more money to be made working in dungeons than waiting tables or working at Starbucks—and during the economic crisis of 2008-2011, people in the creative arts aren’t the only ones who are struggling.

I think there is a larger percentage of women who are looking at it as something to do part-time or something to do until their career gets started.

“A lot of women who go into pro-domination are looking for something to help bridge the gap,” Wright observed.

“There are some women who go into pro-domination services and really feel a calling for it; it’s something they intend to make their long-term career.

Being a pro-domme typically involves restraining and torturing naked men, but the dominatrix, unlike the submissive, keeps her clothes on during sessions.

“Being a pro-domme is not prostitution and is not stripping,” Wright said.

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And for some women who become pro-dommes, working in a dungeon can be one way to cope with a brutal economy.

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