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By swiping yes to each other, you both already accept you find each other attractive.

A couple of short messages and an invitation to do something is all you need.

A lot of you come to me saying, “I don’t have any potential women in my life.” When I ask about your methods, I often learn that you HAVE opportunities, you just don’t capitalize on them! Or, you’re just plain oblivious to the “green lights” you’re getting from women.

You throw away your romantic prospects for a variety of reasons… Whatever it may be, you’re not getting the most out of your opportunities and sabotaging your own success.

Every time you don’t follow up on a number, you’re throwing away your best shots for romance.

New rule: “Whenever I get a girl’s number, I will message her within 24 hours.” Insecure guys feel the need to prove their worth to women. By being cold over text, women believe you’re not really interested.

And in fact, the longer you wait to get one-on-one, the less likely it is to ever happen.

Like I said above, women know almost immediately whether or not romance is a possibility with a guy. Eventually they will find someone who’s serious about moving forward.

Remember, you are on a , not a buddy-buddy hang out.Then we’ll create new rules that you must follow regardless of your doubt or fears.When you’re out at a bar, club, or event, notice how many women are looking around.You also have no idea whether or not she’s interested, that’s just your insecurity speaking.These are women who were invested enough to willingly give you their number.

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