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One day I asked if I could have a match with Deonna Purrazzo before a show in Baltimore and they said yes. It wasn’t supposed to be anything but a dark match. For whatever reason, that didn’t work out and they decided to throw the women’s match on You Tube instead and see what happens. It’s been two years where we’ve developed our characters and people know us.We have these stories that we can now say, ‘Let’s put this on TV, maybe we have a tournament, maybe we can crown the first champion.’ I think we’re almost there. A: A lot of people have this misconception that we’re in competition, but that’s not the case. It’s just two entities that are at the top in professional wrestling.

That’s the creative that I enjoy doing.” If you think this gives Miz TV too much credit, consider the last few months: On his segment, Balor noted, “This episode will end like every episode of Miz TV with you getting your ass kicked.” After Balor said he would walk away, the two got physically involved and eventually Balor struck down The Miz.

The Miz was not about to walk away from a chance at seizing the WWE Intercontinental Title after missing out on his moment at Wrestle Mania 32 and his wife, Maryse Oullet made sure she was right there with him.

In fact, Oullet, a former WWE star in her own right, was a major reason why The Miz was able to steal the title from Zack Ryder on Monday Night RAW on April 4.

I was so new and had no right to say any of this on the first day of class, but I said, ‘I want to be the girl that brings back women’s wrestling in Ring of Honor. A: We’ve had a VOD event and two exclusive Women of Honor episodes on the Ring of Honor TV show.

I want to help create a division and one day have a historic Women of Honor championships belt.’ Of course, everyone looked at me like, ‘This is your first day here; you have no experience; what are you talking about? I think we’re not separate anymore; we’re equal to the main show. Hopefully at some point this year we can place a Women of Honor match on every episode and pay-per-views.

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A: When I first started training, there wasn’t a women’s division.

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