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Work your way to love Looking after yourself physically and emotionally is one of the best investments you can make.A happy, healthy you will have more confidence, self-esteem and experiences to share when you do meet someone.Lasting attraction follows certain pathways People from similar backgrounds are likely to fall in love, especially if they have a similar level of education and had similar upbringings.People feel compatible if they share aspirations regarding relationships, the desire for children and where they hope to live.She tells of top-end British agencies who trade mainly in Russian brides or whose attempts at a personal approach consist of handing a client an album full of black and white photographs of their other clients.The industry could certainly do with some form of regulation.

"It appealed to me and I decided to leave the voluntary sector and set up my own business."She was also looking for love, having been jilted, though she insists this was not a conscious motivation.

This means that Caroline, a 30-year-old former charity worker and child psychologist from London who set up her tailored matchmaking service Mutual Attraction just two years ago, beat off stiff competition from the American giants of the dating world.

This year marks the first time the trophy has been awarded to a UK company and is testament to Caroline's success in 2013 which led directly to four marriages, seven engagements, five babies and "lots of people happily living and enjoying their life together".

A few years ago a friend of mine with a Ph D paid a matchmaking company £5,000 for a "bespoke" service.

This involved a home visit with the matchmaker who then wrote a profile to present to potential suitors but which bore no relation to my friend at all.

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