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"But it doesn't solve a whole array of other issues of concern," said Djuric, who is campaigning for a gender identity law to help transgender people, particularly in changing their personal documents. "It is relaxing to be finally at the end of the transformation," he said.Your recovery will depend on the extent and type of surgery you have received.At Belgrade's Gay Pride march in 2010, hardline nationalists attacked participants and clashed with police, wounding 150 people and prompting officials to ban the parade for the next three years.

Offering experts in the field for a fraction of the cost in western Europe and America, Belgrade has become a surprising centre for the complex gender reassignment surgery.It can help to rub a small amount of non-scented moisturizing cream around the wound as this helps to soften the skin and prevent dryness as it heals.You will need to take at least one or two weeks to recover before you return to work and other daily activities.Attacks reported last year included a couple beaten in a southern Serbia cafe because one of them was transgender, and a transgender woman who was attacked on a public bus in Belgrade.In a milestone move, the government agreed in 2012 to bear two-thirds of the cost for its own citizens' sex change operations. said he was unaware of the level of prejudice that existed across Serbia, but expressed relief at finding somewhere to finish his operation successfully.

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It takes longer to recover from traditional, open surgery than from a minimally invasive procedure.

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