Intimidating people skyrim

The speech skill increase depends on the base value of the item traded or the difficulty of the bribe or persuasion.

When selling items, it is not actually required to receive any gold, only that the transaction takes place.

The target will always be in a hold the Dragonborn has already visited.

If this is the first random quest taken for the Companions, the target will be located in Whiterun.

I was able to persuade the innkeeper, intimidate the guy in the slums, and bribe the secretary in the Treasury.

Bribing is obviously the easiest one as it doesn't really require any speech skill and these NPCs in this game are all greedy!

Return to Farkas once the mission is complete for a reward of 100 .

Afterward, the items can be retrieved from the chest and the process repeated forever.

My speech skill was only at 23 when I completed this quest.

The Dragonborn must talk to Farkas to get this quest.

Once the crime has been committed, the Dragonborn can go up to a guard and initiate the "Wait, I know you." dialogue.

Any option (aside from resisting or submitting to arrest) should be available to persuade them to overlook it.

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