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Overall, the album teems with the Clash-esq energy that drives so much of Ray's solo work, bouncing and begging the listener to shout along.

For ‘She's Got To Be,’ I was experimenting with using my head voice, my falsetto, and so I wrote in a different direction, too." On this track, voice underscores meaning as Ray breathes through the verses: She's got to be with me always to make sense of the skin I'm in Sometimes it gets dangerous and lonely to defend Marking time with every change it's hard to love this woman in me A bass-heavy rhythm section picks up to float dense lyrics that negotiate gender, relationships, and self-love, rendering the song both thoughtful and groovy.

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She sites them as a major musical influence and wrote “Out on the Farm” specifically with them in mind as collaborators.

"I sang in that high voice to reference the struggle to be who you are.

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