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There is an inscribed numeral on the base, but we were unable to decipher it.The Toby jug measures approximately 4" in length, as measured to include the handle and the outstretched glass of beer, and 5 3/8" high, as measured to the top of his hat.This Royal Doulton Happy John Toby Jug is a very traditional piece, harkening back to the very first such drinking vessels from the 1700s.

The beginning of WWII brought the inevitable slowing down of production of new jugs, although prototypes were being made such as the rare wartime commemorative white Winston Churchill Character Jug of 1941.English manufacturer Royal Doulton adapted the traditional full body jugs to focus instead on interesting faces and shoulders, including figural handles which reflected unique characteristics of the subject.Hand painted details highlight Happy John's flushed face, framed by long whitish grey hair beneath a black tricorne hat.Doulton products came to the attention of the Royal family.In 1901 King Edward VII sold the Burslem factory the Royal Warrant, allowing the business to adopt new markings and a new name, Royal Doulton. In 1939 Gilbert Bayes created the friezes that showed the history of pottery through the ages.

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The Royal Doulton company began as a partnership between John Doulton, Martha Jones, and John Watts, with a factory at Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth, London trading as Jones, Watts & Doulton in 1815.

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