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But, Barris' real life stuff is what f I finished the book this morning and then watched the movie, (made from a Charlie Kaufman screenplay adaptation) tonight after the Super Bowl.

I can tell you that the film was a lot more edgy, dark and less fun than the book. I've come to idolize Chuck Barris since I read You and Me, Babe years ago.

What little fact checking on his personal life and his supposed work for the CIA I did turn up nothing to verify what he'd written.

Even the accounts of his personal life were fictionalized and bore little resemblance to his real life. A well-respected writer friend gave it to me as a present, so I muddled through the beginning.

It was just a phrase,” Barris said.) After those successes, Barris moved on to in 1976.

He acted as the eccentric and outlandish host of the amateur talent contest, which turned acts like The Unknown Comic and Gene Gene The Dancing Machine into household names. operative and assassin while touring the world as a television executive.

His exploits are both boastful and self-deprecating as he describes his success after two years in TV as achieving "My first prime-time special,my second tenth pregnant girl-friend".

Then I realized that it was based on the "autobiography" of Chuck Barris, creator of "The Dating Game", "The Newlywed Game," and "The Gong Show" among others. (Rated R for sex and language and violence)I finished the book this morning and then watched the movie, (made from a Charlie Kaufman screenplay adaptation) tonight after the Super Bowl.The whole thing is an interesting read what with the whole fantasy about Chuckie Baby doubling as a CIA assassin.But, Barris' real life stuff is what fascinates me most.And if nothing else, he did bring The Popsicle Twins to prime-time TV.A week ago, I happene to catch a little-known movie called "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" -- George Clooney's directoral debut.

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The success of Barris’ reality television shows earned him the nickname “The King of Schlock.” (He hosted , that he worked as a C.

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