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There was the guy who I got the impression he was forced to go out on this blind date and resulted in him acting rude and close-minded.

He hated Disneyland because it was for kids that need to grow up and criticized almost every band that I liked (Queen and The Beatles are “terrible, overrated and untalented bands but Fallout Boy is awesome,” his words not mine) than strangely stayed quiet for the remaining of the date which made it hard for me to get him to engage in a conversation.

You do not want to show up wearing a fancy dress and your date is wearing jeans.2.

Do think about safety: On blind dates you never know who the person is so let someone know where you are going and who you are with along with your date’s number in case anything happens.

My date noticed my tattoo and asked me why I got it.

I told him it represented my favorite band which was The Beatles. I asked him to name which ones because I was curious. Which lead me to think he knew nothing about The Beatles and only agreed with everything I said in order to impress me which did not work.

Be talkative and have a sense of humor by making a weird situation into a more relaxing setting for you and your date.4.

Don’t drag out the date too long: Know that when the conversation begins to die out, the date is usually over.

Don’t talk about your job (too much): You can discuss about what you do but do not go into complete details. Do be a good listener: Listen to what your date has to say.

They might surprise you by sharing a common hobby or band.

It always seems that in my circle of friends I am “the single friend” and it is my friends’ mission to find me a boyfriend. I know my friends and family mean well, but it goes to show that they do not know me at all considering the men they set me up with.

From my experience, blind dates were all mostly hell than finding my soul mate.

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You never know how the person is and plus it will be easy to avoid that goodbye kiss if the date did not go too smoothly.3.

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