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Where racism was accepted as the norm in swathes of 1970s Britain, there are parts of our country now where violent misogyny is equally accepted and even celebrated.What worries me is that these are largely Asian areas with little appetite in the community to do anything about it.I know from experience that trying to get Muslim audiences to talk about how to deal with these crimes is frustratingly difficult.When I was invited to speak at the Muslim Council of Britain general meeting a few years ago, the agenda was interested only in hate crime and Islamophobia.His son had recently been jailed for dealing crack cocaine, he admitted, but strangely the focus of his anger was reserved solely for his daughter.

The practice of traumatised children being cross-examined in court by half a dozen different barristers was abolished.‘No one will pay attention to anything that’s happening to you.’ A big motivation for me since that day has been to encourage the courts to make it easier for victims to come forward and feel confident.But if the courts have started to make progress in this area, after recognising they were reliant on practices that belonged in another century, I worry that entire communities are making the same mistake I made and remaining silent – this time, around child abuse.It’s often said the wheels of justice grind slowly.But after failing rape victims for years, swift change was forced upon the courts following the Rochdale grooming scandal.

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