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When you badmouth your previous employers in a professional setting such as an interview, it reflects poorly on you—whether you were right or wrong.

The interviewer sees you can’t handle yourself professionally in an unfair situation, and chances are you won’t get hired, even if the rest of the interview went perfect. First impression is everything When you meet someone you like for the first time, you want to be sure they see the absolute best version of you so they think of you in a positive manner.

The more profile readers you have, the more likely you are to get results, whether that's an interview or a first date.

If you do get hired, you don’t want to give negative vibes to your coworkers.

Giving good first impressions is a skill that’s valuable in virtually every facet of your life, not just job search and dating. Stalking is a no-no After you meet a person you like, you might feel inclined to stalk every facet of their lives on social media.

Alex Macksoud is a senior at Central Michigan University studying advertising with a minor in marketing.

Aside from being a content creator trainee, Alex is also a social media trainee at Come Recommended.

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