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Dating someone you work with has its challenges, but -- assuming your workplace allows it -- we think it can be a great idea. Your shared passion at work can blossom into something bigger Your ideal job is probably one that you're deeply passionate about.

When someone else shares that feeling, it can provide a common ground that leads to a romantic relationship. Work gives you insight into how people deal with failure and success Many couples say that it was only when they first traveled together, moved in together or hit a major life challenge that they saw how their partner dealt with adversity.

Workplace romances can be tricky and awkward – it can add a dash of romance to your daily grind, or it can be lethal to your career.

Despite how attractive you find the colleague, you do not want to risk your job and/or any disciplinary action.

Now, we're about to hit our second wedding anniversary.

We still work together -- helping create social games at Zynga -- and over the years have found that being coworkers not only strengthens our relationship but makes us better at our jobs.

Ensure you play by the rules of your company: if they do not allow office romance, don’t do it…and if they do, carry on, but with caution.

Ensure you alert the HR on relationships Whether you are required to report a dating relationship to the Human resource department or not, it is important that you let the HR staff in on your relationship once it starts. This is so that you protect both yourself and your love interest from legal repercussions and discrimination suits.

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