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While uploading, it gives the below error message: Even the download log file doesn’t give any useful information to diagnose the issue.

A simple custom Fetch XML report, or the report generated from the CRM report wizard, will not get uploaded in the CRM when it’s developed with Visual Studio 2015.

most of which are missing key information needed to *really* get it to work.Hopefully I havent scared you too much, since the module doesnt really do anything major – it just allows and tweaks the debug attach request to enable ASP. It does however disable authorization for requests mapped to the Debug Handler below (although the handler will require an authenticated Windows user).Here is how to set this up on your machine: in order for debugging to work).At this point, if you press F5 and try to attach to your application, you may either see nothing or get the following error: This is the dreaded error that frazzles most people . The bug manifests only in the following case: For how to move your application to Classic mode, you can consult one of the existing blog posts about this issue – for example, Rajiv's post here.Like I said, don't put this module on a production system.

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