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I was bored stiff by the likes of uses many of the typical conceits of found footage movies to vastly superior effect.I watched scenes where I knew it made no sense for the camera to roll, and yet I could almost swear that they were legit. And here’s where things get interesting — Yi is playing Yi and Cera is playing Cera, but Jasenovec is played by Jake M. It appears that the on the street interviews are real, but most of the film is certainly scripted.

It’s not the kind of movie that really works your home theater too hard, but it does what it has to.

Jasnovec, who clearly has a thing for Yi, pushes the Cera angle onto the story because he sees a chance to get an honest to god movie star in his little documentary, but Yi and Cera resist.

Soon she meets Cera and the two begin an awkward romance.

In one of the improvised outtakes on You Tube, she gawks curiously at the prim and pregnant Alison, who has come to visit the house of men (to which Yi—apparently neither man nor woman—has easy, unquestioned entry). Around the time of the film’s release, rumors proliferated that they were truly a couple and that Cera, whose celebrity was growing, had dumped her. Another rumor quickly followed that actually Yi was in her mid-thirties and used to baby-sit for Cera.

That’s sick.” We couldn’t wait until she starred in her own film.a feature she wrote, co-scored, and starred in. She plays a character named Charlyne Yi who is skeptical that she will ever fall in love, so sets off to make a documentary about people who have actually experienced love, to try and figure things out.

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Did costars Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi actually date, or was their entire “relationship” staged as a sort of ultra-meta Andy Kaufman meets is a puzzle box of a movie.

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