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"It's all set in the one day in the Hammam and the women represent a microcosm of the whole society.

So there's a woman who is a good girl, one who's fallen pregnant, one who's a lesbian, one who's an extremist.

AFFA also features stories that take an in depth look at the lives of young men and how they battle with expectations of masculinity in today's society.

A mix of challenging and funny fare, the selection includes films that examine the politics of being a Palestinian living under occupation, the disturbing treatment of foreign domestic workers in Lebanon, and an arranged marriage that lasted less than two hours.

We don't do it by choice, we just pick the best films.

"It's important of course because, from a general western perspective, they think [Arab women are] oppressed, they think we don't have a say, we don't participate in ... Arab women are making really strong statements about their worlds and their films are a different insight into the family, into what women are doing to stand up against terrorism, what women are doing to rise above certain expectations of them." It's not all about women though.

And for non-Arabs when they come to the festival, part of watching the film is actually sitting in an audience that's mostly Arab - it's a loud kind of audience, they talk back to the screen, and laugh at the things that don't get translated very well." reveals what life is like for Arab women through a powerful all-female ensemble cast and the artful direction of Rayhana Obermeyer.

"We don't always get a chance to screen films from the Meghreb - from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco - but this is super fantastic," Abboud says.

She may have a mobile phone, driving lessons and a university education, but just how much freedom does a young Bedouin woman have?So they touch on all the different types of women who might make up Algerian society, and they all have their own opinions and problems.There's a major problem that happens and you work out whether the woman are going to protect each other or fall back on what's expected of them by men in society.The answer is complicated and Israeli-Bedouin film Sand Storm fully conveys this complexity in a parent-daughter...Arab women are telling their own stories on the big screen, as the 2017 Arab Film Festival shines a light on the lives of generations of Arab women and how they navigate and overcome modern day prejudice.

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