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Choose a present from our collection of wedding anniversary gifts for her and then give it that special touch only you know she'll love.Traditionally your Second wedding anniversary gifts are celebrated with cotton which some believe represents the wiping of tears and growing together.Photo Credit: Annie Tao Photography To remind your honey how much love you feel for him/her, scatter the house with a bunch of nicely decorated notes.On each note, write something you love about him/her.Check out our latest line-up of beautiful anniversary gifts and keepsakes and leave a lasting impression for years to come.Your honeymoon is approaching and you aren’t sure what to get your hubby…But what are the other meanings for your 2 year anniversary?You also have the modern anniversary list and here your Second anniversary is celebrated with china.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something completely unique.

Following the Themes for the 16th Wedding Anniversary Using the 16th Anniversary Color, Flower and Gemstone Going the Sentimental Route Community Q&A So, your 16th wedding anniversary is coming up and you’re trying to decide what to get your significant other?

There are a lot of ways you can make the 16th special.

The anniversary flower for your Second wedding anniversary gifts is the Cosmos.

The name is derived from the Greek word Kosmo which is the universe due the ordered symmetry of the petals of the flower.

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So you're stuck for ideas on what to buy your wife or girlfriend this coming anniversary? We've years of experience helping people like you find and buy the perfect anniversary gift for their wives and girlfriends.

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